Jupiter meat grinder size 5 / vegetable grinder / universal grinder attachment for Jupiter mySystem system drive plastic

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All about your universal grinder

The universal grinder attachment, which fits on the mySystem, chops and shreds meat, vegetables, frozen fruit, bread and much more. Indispensable for lovers of fresh cuisine. Sweet and savory snacks can be made very easily with the help of the shortbread attachment. You can make homemade sausages with the sausage filling attachment. Included in delivery: funnel, perforated discs (3 mm, 4.5 mm, 8 mm), 4-bladed knife

Scope of delivery:
  • Meat grinder attachment made of plastic with filling bowl and pusher
  • Perforated discs 4.5 mm made of stainless steel
  • 4-wing Stainless steel knife
  • Housing and locking ring (dishwasher-safe)

Optional accessories for the universal wofl:

Please note that there is neither a suitable shortbread attachment nor a suitable sausage stuffing tube for the plastic version!

Further attachments for the mySystem system drive:

Good to know!!! Everything to do with your universal grinder

Which foods can I process with my universal grinder?
Vegetables, fruits, fish and meat (raw and cooked), puffed cereals and bread.

What should I consider when processing the food?
Place the food in the hopper in small, preferably chilled, pieces and batches to ensure even processing. Do not put any frozen food or solid parts (stalks, tendons, bones, cores) in the universal grinder.

Which perforated discs are there and what do I use them for?
A detailed description of the individual perforated discs can be found HERE for practical download as a PDF .

How can I disassemble my universal grinder?
Remove the universal grinder from the drive unit and remove the stopper and the funnel. Loosen the locking ring counterclockwise. Now you can remove the perforated disc, blade and screw conveyor from the housing.

How do I properly clean my universal grinder?
The parts of our stainless steel universal grinders (476 500 and 480 500) for KitchenAid and SMEG are all dishwasher safe. However, we recommend washing the knife by hand to keep it sharp.
With our plastic universal mincer for the mySystem, the locking ring and housing can also be cleaned in the dishwasher. You should wash the perforated disc, knife, spring, screw conveyor and pusher by hand.
Clean the model 862 260 for the mySystem with lukewarm water and washing-up liquid. Then allow all parts to dry well and, if necessary, rub the knife and perforated disc with a little cooking oil.

How do I assemble my universal wolf?
Place the auger into the housing and the spring onto the auger. Insert the knife, making sure that the cutting surfaces face forward. Place the perforated disc in such a way that the semi-circular recess of the perforated disc fits into the housing. Now put on the locking ring and turn it clockwise.

Can I also cut bacon with my universal grinder?
Together with the 4-sided perforated disc, the 2-winged steel knife results in the perfect bacon cutting set. This can optionally be purchased as an accessory.

What accessories are available for my universal grinder?
In addition to the bacon cutting set, consisting of a 4-sided perforated disc and a 2-winged knife, there is a practical grater attachment with splinter protection, which is ideal for finely grating nuts, hard cheese, chocolate, etc. We also offer a sausage stuffing tube for making sausages. Shortbread can be made with the Shortbread Attachment.
Danger: This accessory can only be used for the models 110500, 862200, and 862260!

User manual can be found HERE! (Please click)

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