new hits

We are proud to present our newest kitchen gadgets - true superheroes that will make your life in the kitchen easier! Our manual and electric products are perfectly tailored to the needs of amateur cooks and professionals and make the processing of fruit, vegetables and meat easier than ever.

Our hand graters are sharp bladed wonders that shred and chop fruit and veg in seconds, as if you had a personal kitchen assistant. Our electric vegetable slicers cut the vegetables into even slices as if you had a professional kitchen appliance at home.

When it comes to meat, our manual and electric meat grinders put everything else to shame. In no time at all, they shred the meat into even pieces, giving you minced meat and meatballs in record time.

Our electric hand blenders are real superstars for mixing smoothies or pureeing soups - they even chop up hard ingredients and deliver perfect results in the shortest possible time. And when it comes to mashed potatoes, our manual potato ricer is the real hero - it makes the mash so creamy and delicious as if a whole brigade of chefs made it.

Try our new kitchen gadgets and experience the power they will bring to your kitchen. Because one thing is for sure: with our products, preparing fruit, vegetables and meat becomes pure pleasure!