Everything you need for your Jupiter machine to achieve the best possible result. Additional drums, knives, graters, perforated discs and many more.

Jupiter kitchen machines are high-quality and versatile kitchen appliances that help you save time and effort when cooking and baking. To get the most out of your Jupiter kitchen machine, you can add various accessories. Here are some options:

  • Slicing drums: Slicing drums are a useful accessory for any vegetable grater or grater. It does not matter whether they are operated electrically or by hand. With six different drums, you can quickly and easily cut and grate vegetables, fruit, cheese, nuts, chocolate and other foods. Depending on your needs, you can use different cutting drums with different cutting sizes and shapes.
  • Universal Grinder Grinders: Grinders are another accessory that you can purchase for your Jupiter stand mixer. With perforated discs you can chop meat, vegetables and other foods of different sizes. You can choose between different hole sizes and shapes, depending on the result you want to achieve.
  • Universal grinder knife: A universal grinder / meat grinder is an indispensable kitchen aid if you like to prepare meat dishes. With a variety of knives and perforated discs, you can chop up your vegetables or meat of different sizes and textures, and make minced meat, sausage or burgers.
  • Universal grinder sausage stuffer: If you love making sausages, a sausage stuffer is a must-have accessory for your Jupiter stand mixer. With a sausage stuffer you can make your own sausages and customize them.
Overall, there are many different accessories that you can purchase for your Jupiter stand mixer. Depending on your needs, you can expand your Jupiter food processor with the right accessories and use it in even more ways.