Jupiter food processor grain mill / coffee grinder attachment with steel cone grinder suitable for Jupiter mySystem

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Flour is not just flour!

The attachment that fits the mySystem is a flour mill for all occasions. Suitable for all types of grain and oily seeds such as coffee and spices. The grinder can be effortlessly adjusted from coarse to fine. The filling funnel has a capacity of 1200g.

The basis is the unique mySystem. Variety of attachments and attachments: meat grinder, vegetable grater, grain mill or flake crusher.

Scope of delivery:

  • Grain mill attachment with steel cone grinder and hopper
  • Grinding ring and cone made of steel

Further attachments for the mySystem system drive:

Good to know!!! Everything to do with your grain mill

What is the difference between the steel cone grinder and a stone grinder?

A steel cone grinder can be used not only to process dry grain but also smaller quantities of oily seeds. In this way, for example, spice mixtures can be produced. It is not possible to process oilseeds with a stone grinder. Various types of grain can be processed into particularly fine and flaky flour. Which grinder suits you best depends on what you want to process with it.

Grain mill with steel cone grinder:

Which foods can I grind with the steel cone grinder?

Types of grain: wheat, spelled, unripe spelt, rye, barley, buckwheat, millet, rice, oats. All dried spices, herbs and mushrooms. Oilseeds: linseed, sesame, soya.

What do I have to consider when grinding oilseeds?

Never grind oilseeds at the finest level, otherwise the grinder could clog. After grinding oily seeds, we recommend grinding dry grain afterwards.

How do I set the grind level?

The degree of grinding is always set with the setting unit 7 starting during the grinding process. You start with the setting on coarse and set the degree of grinding back to “coarse” after use.

Finer: counterclockwise and ONLY during the grinding process

Rougher: turn clockwise, also works when stationary

How can I clean the grain mill?

Detach the grain mill attachment from the drive unit and remove the hopper. Unscrew the locking ring counter-clockwise. Now you can remove the adjustment unit, the steel cone grinder and the screw conveyor. Clean the grinder and the adjustment unit with a brush and a brush. With the exception of the setting unit, the plastic parts can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher. After complete drying, reassemble the grain mill in reverse order.

User manual can be found HERE! (Please click)

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