Jupiter kitchen machines mySystem vegetable grater combi including system drive (motor block) & plug-in timer; vegetable cutter, cheese grater, universal cutter, fruit cutter, stainless steel

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Because it simply tastes better freshly chopped up and is more nutritious!

Food has a much longer shelf life in one piece than it has already been chopped up. It also tastes much better freshly chopped up. In addition, you are much more flexible with a piece of cheese or chocolate. Whether it's raw vegetables for crispy salads, fruit for muesli, vegetables for delicious soups, grated cheese or grated chocolate - the vegetable grater with its three drums (coarse grater, bircher and slices) effortlessly and quickly shreds, whether in slices, coarse or fine. Of course, the drums are made of stainless steel.

Expand your Jupiter mySystem with this practical kitchen helper and enjoy fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts or chocolate according to your taste.


  • Stainless steel drums
  • Motor housing made of impact-resistant ABS plastic
  • Bayonet lock for easy change of attachment
  • Weight in kg: 2.3
  • Dimensions W × H × D in cm: 13 × 36.5 × 22
  • 3 speed levels
  • Durable with thermal overload protection
  • Maintenance free
  • 200W

Scope of delivery:

  • System drive with clutch for easy attachment replacement
  • three interchangeable covers (white, red, anthracite)
  • Pluggable timer
  • Grater attachment including stuffer
  • Bircher drum made of stainless steel
  • Coarse grating drum made of stainless steel
  • Disc drum made of stainless steel

Optional accessories for vegetable graters:

Did you know?

Buy additional drums immediately and save 20% automatically!

Further attachments for the mySystem system drive:

Good to know!!!

What drums are there and what do I use them for?

  • Bircher drum: For carrots, cheese, apples, nuts, beetroot, celery, radishes, radishes, kohlrabi
  • Disc Drum: For cabbage, cucumber, radish, radish, carrot, onion, raw potato, courgettes, pears, apples, nuts
  • Coarse drum: For cheese, potatoes with hash browns, cabbage, cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, celery, beetroot, courgettes, soup vegetables, apples, pears, onions
  • Fine drum: For hard cheese, nuts, almonds, chocolate, breadcrumbs
  • Chopstick drum: For celery, carrots, kohlrabi, zucchini, beetroot
  • Potato grater drum: For raw potatoes, horseradish, hard cheese

How can I change the drums?

Turn the front ring of the plastic vegetable grater clockwise as far as it will go. Now you can remove the front ring and take the drum out of the housing. The drum is installed in the reverse order. The end of the front ring must point downwards.

How can I clean my vegetable cutter?

In principle, all parts of the vegetable grater are dishwasher-safe. However, we recommend washing the drums by hand so that the cutting surfaces retain their function and sharpness.

User manual can be found HERE! (Please click)

Customer Reviews

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Menia Vester
Sehr gut

Meine erste Jupiter hat über 30 Jahre gehalten. Die neue ist leiser und ich hoffe sie hält ihr Versprechen wie die davor.

Erhardt Weiß
Nicht in allen Funktionen Top

Finde das Gerät schön und ansprechend - was besser sein könnte etwas mehr Leistung und Drehzahl. Als ich die Kartoffelreibe im Einsatz hatte - war ich enttäuscht - viel zu wenig vortrieb und viel Kraftaufwand waren nötig bis ich da meine paar Kilo Kartoffeln durch hatte. Gurkenhobel war hingegen top - mehr habe ich noch nicht gemacht. Gerade als kartoffelreibemaschine hatte ich die erworben - na ja